Some of the jewels of the repertoire of the XX Century are located at the Paul Sacher Foundation. We program a yearly visit to this great learning space.

Pasantia Basel is an open learning space, designed to a platform of musical exchange. Some of the renowned teachers who have visited us.

Johannes Schlaefli, ZHdK Zürich

Pasantía Basel

Located in the heart of Western Europe, Basel has a unique array of connections, both by plane or by train to most key cities of the great symphonic institutions.

Rattle edited

The School of Excellence at the Musik-Akademie Basel is an excellent opportunity to inmerse yourself in most of the compositional and performing aspects of a piece, in order to find the appropiate technical solutions afterwards. Having three weeks scope allows for further experimental time and a consolidation of your learning process.

"They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night"

Edgar Allan Poe

Our upcoming guests for the 2020 edition; the world-famous Nicolas Pasquet, from HSM Liszt in Weimar and our dear Johannes Schlaefli, head of the acclaimed ZHdK conducting class in Zürich.