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Building an inner sound. Step by step.

How do I practice ?

Conducting is one of the most mysterious learning process. I have had literally hundreds of students and all of them are unique. The main thing is to come prepared with a solid instrumental badckround and a keen sense of curiousity.

Créditos: Juan Diego Castillo

Courses available

Pasantía Málaga 2020

March 4th-8th

A new program, focused on the intermediary/advanced level conductors, who are still in their studies. Designed to be taken individually, or combined with Basel, including a week of attending concerts and rehearsals with the best orchestras of Europe. You have the opportunity to observe  our prestigious guest professors and contact them for future collaborations.

For further information, please download the calendar.

Pasantía Basel 2020

February 2020

A unique concept, designed by the School of Excellence at the Musik-Akademie in Basel, Switzerland. Conceived for the most advanced student conductors, who want to deepend their knowledge of the most demanding repertoire.

The course lasts three weeks + one week of guided tours to some of the prestigious cultural institutions of the continent.

Intense work with two pianos and ensemble, in an unique learning environment.

For further information, please visit the school’s website.

Deadline for applications: December 15th

The ensamble. A perfect learning tool.

We have worked hard to create a unique ensamble, with world class players, in order to smoothen out the difficult transition between conducting two pianos and a full symphony orchestra. Our team has no limits as to repertoire is concerned. We are going to be studying  some of the XX Century masters such as Bartok, Stravinsky and Mahler, as well as any pieces considered as milestones of the symphonic repertoire.

Premium infrastructure

The success of Pasantia is based upon a unique environment of modernity, history, architectonic beauty and high living standards. All our students will be provided with a 24 h access to our brand new library.

Learn with the best. Each year we look for the most renown conducting teachers in Europe.

Among our distinguished guests, we have had Johannes Schlaefli (Zürich), Matthias Foremny (Leipzig) and Miguel Romea (Madrid).

For 2020, we have confirmed the presence of Nicolas Pasquet (Weimar) and Johannes Schlaefli (Zürich)

Deadline for applications:

December 15th 2019


Leonhardstrasse 6 4002 Basel

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